Kids And Technology

technologyWith the advancement of technology and the ease of use, many people are concerned that kids are becoming too engrossed in technology and missing out on being active and using their imaginations. It’s not rare to see a young child with a cell phone or a tablet. It used to be that cell phones were for emergencies, or kids could use a business or school phone in order to call their parents but now they have their own cell phones at their fingertips all day long. Many people wonder what benefits there are to this, and what kind of effects this will ultimately have on kids.

Cell Phones Can Help Kids Be More Safe
One obvious benefit is that parents can get a hold of their kids whenever they want, and kids can get a hold of their parents. Parents do not have to worry about their children being stranded anywhere because they are always a phone call away. They do not have to worry if there is an emergency because the kid can use the cell phone to call an adult. Cell phones give parents peace of mind. But maybe they can also do damage because of the same reasons. If parents are so confident because their child has a cell phone, they may be more lenient with their rules, or they may not go over other safety issues with their children. A cell phone isn’t going to solve all problems, and if kids can call their parents to find the answer to anything, maybe it’s teaching kids that they don’t have to solve their own problems too. But technology can help them in school by helping them to solve problems and get acquainted with technology.

Overuse Can Cause Many Problems
A setback of cell phone usage and high technology usage in children is one that is mentioned over and over – childhood obesity is a problem, and if children are not active it is not healthy for them. Children who spend hours looking at a television, tablet, or phone screen are not moving, they are not spending time outside in the fresh air, and they are not using their imaginations. They are also not being social. Using social media is not the same thing, because interacting with someone online is not the same as interacting with someone in person. It is a fact that people are losing their ability to communicate in person because they are so used to being behind a screen they have forgotten how to speak to someone face to face. This will only cause more problems for kids as they grow up when it comes to college, jobs, surviving in the world and making and nurturing other relationships. They cannot be online all of the time, so they do need to learn and to continually polish their interpersonal communication skills.

Kids Use Social Media Earlier And Don’t Learn Online Behavior
Another setback to earlier technology usage is that kids are now exposed to social media sites. Now it’s not just school where they can interact with friends and possibly bully and be bullied; they can do it online where everyone can see it. Kids do not learn proper online behavior and their immature teenage years are spent online. This could hurt them first off because they cannot handle or understand the cruelty of others while they are so young. It can also hurt them in the future because any and everything they post on line can be seen for potential colleges and job opportunities to look at. You can monitor how much and how often they use social media with spy apps for cell phones. They’re effective and easy to understand for this use. They don’t understand that the things that they do now can affect them and cause them problems both now and in the future.

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